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Kia noho haumaru, heoi e mea ana koe

However you say it, be a safe guy

Kiwi workplaces are full of all sorts of people with all sorts of weird and wonderful personalities. And we all have one thing in common – we all want to work in a safe environment and at the end of the day, we all want to get back to our whānau in one piece.

Sadly, the reality is too many of our whānau are getting hurt or killed at work.

That’s why our ‘be a safe guy’ campaign is focused on reducing workplace injuries and fatalities for young workers by reminding people that being part of a work whānau means looking out for, and speaking up for each other.

Everybody speaks up in different ways. It doesn’t matter how you talk about safety on the job, as long as you are identifying risks, recognising safe practices and contributing to the conversation.

We’ve teamed up with comedian D’Angelo Martin and his friend and workmate, Montel Tivoli, to bring you a new series of ‘safe guys’ to show people that there’s no wrong way to say the right thing.

This campaign ties into Ministerial priorities to implement programmes tailored to workers at greatest risk of harm. We take a holistic, collaborative and community-wide approach to education and engagement around health and safety with the Māori community.


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Meet our safe guys

D'Angelo Martin

D’Angelo Martin is a 20 year old comedian from Kaitaia with a rapidly growing fan base. He is best known for the skits on his Tuturu Māori Facebook page, which he started in May 2015 as a reflection of his reality.

A young leader in his community, D’Angelo’s passionate about empowering his whānau to korero about health and safety at work.

D’Angelo’s comedy style is all about identifying and impersonating different types of personalities. His videos are authentic, hilarious and relatable.

Montel Tivoli

Montel Tivoli joins D’Angelo to bring to life a new series of ‘safe guys’. At only 21, Montel is known as one of New Zealand’s top ranked junior weightlifters.

Montel, who is also known for his humorous Instagram content, is passionate about his pacific roots and joins D’Angelo in campaigning for his whānau to speak up and get home from work healthy and safe.


Download these posters for your workplace to encourage everyone to have their say.